Steven J Beercock Biography

  • Style +
    My paintings are most probably seen as eclectic in style and subject matter, episodic even. This is mainly due to my interest in the potential beauty and poetry in all subjects and situations no matter how mundane or prosaic they may appear at first glance. In my 'Suspended Life' series, coffee frothing up in my caffettiera, a crisp green apple, or even my favourite screwdriver are all worth studying from a new perspective, or at least within a less classical environment. Indeed the majority of these still-life subjects appear suspended over an abstract background. Viewing everyday subjects deprived of their common domestic surroundings, I hope will help the observer see the extraordinary in the so-called ordinary - something which hapens to me ever more frequently since I began painting in December 2014. This interference with, or interruption of the predictable rhythm of our relatively comfortable first-world lives is something I have always dreamed of - or dreamed up - in moments of mild frustration with my own gentile and safe existence; UFOs over the peaceful housing estate, pterodactyls gliding around the river bend towards me help break the boredom of a day kicking stones and staring up to the heavens as a kid, or a bad day's fishing nowadays. One might say I have a practical imagination. I’m never truly bored
  • Influences +
    My influences are as varied as my paintings, and too numerous to list, but as has been recognised by a number of admirers of my oil painting 'L'Avenue du Soleil,' a considerable Hopper mood and light is present where, in this particular case, the waiter stands at a Champs Ellysees restaurant window, eyes closed and seemingly somewhere else, as he takes a moment's break to bathe his face in an unusually bright sun on a freezing February day. The poetic seems so often to be exactly there, in the mundane, something I find fascinating and no doubt have been deeply influenced by Edward Hopper and most certainly the poetry of Philip Larkin whose everyday places and people were so subtly painted with his words.
  • Water +
    Water is also a common feature in my paintings. The inverting, distorting and magnifying effects a raindrop has on whatever it reflects have charmed me for as long as I can remember. The close-up study of those effects through the window of a droplet produces a strong and at times an emotional sense of wonder. I enjoy paying homage to that spectacle. I have produced around 140 paintings in these first three years and continue to create an average of 4-6 works per month, so I do hope you will call in regularly as my gallery will be kept constantly updated.